Although every attempt has been made to assure that the information provided on this website accurately reflects the outcomes of the public hearings, they are not the official records for the City of Tuscaloosa. 

On this page... 

You can find information about specific short-term rental homes operating in Tuscaloosa.  Currently, our records include properties approved as a special exception under the ordinance passed in May, 2019 as well as homes licensed prior to this date. We will update the records monthly, as new information is received. Contact the Zoning Board of Adjustment  or Tuscaloosa 311 to request the most current information. The box to the right indicates the last update. Our data base includes:

  • Contact information for the property

  • Restrictions on occupancy, vehicles, and number of nights the property can operate as an STR

  • If the property is being managed by someone other than the homeowner

  • Case number for the Zoning Board of Adjustment

  • If a business license has been awarded by the date listed to the "last update" box.

Last update:

March 8, 2020

  • Zoning Board of Adjustment approval- 2/24/20

  • Business licenses for STRs as of 9/8/19

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