This website is an effort by Tuscaloosa Neighbors Together to educate residents living in neighborhoods, as well as renters, about short-term rentals.  It was developed to inform residents and renters about local city ordinances and to serve as a resource for information the impact of short-term rentals.

Tuscaloosa Neighbors Together is a non-partisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as a resource and coordinating body for the efforts of Tuscaloosa residents and neighborhood groups. Our goals are to preserve and enhance the quality of our neighborhoods. To accomplish these goals we serve as a clearinghouse for information for neighborhoods in our community. TNT researches plans, resolutions, ordinances, and legislation that affects neighborhoods in the Tuscaloosa area. We provide members information and education to help them advocate for their neighborhoods. TNT makes recommendations, when warranted, to appropriate city agencies. Ultimately, the goal of TNT is to make a positive contribution to Tuscaloosa through the betterment of our neighborhoods.