Tuscaloosa Game Day Rentals

A Community Resource on Short-Term Rentals 

Game day rentals, also known as short-term rentals or  home shares, are homes that  are leased  similar to a hotel room for short periods of time  often through  websites such as AirBnB and Vacation Rental by Owner. In Tuscaloosa, they are most common on weekends when the University of Alabama has a football game.

What's the issue? Game day rentals play an important role in accommodating  visitors to Tuscaloosa as an alternative to a hotel or motel.  They provide an opportunity for homeowners to earn an income through the lease of their homes.  However, left unchecked, they can undermine the character of neighborhoods and present risks to renters. 

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This website is an effort by Tuscaloosa Neighbors Together to educate residents living in neighborhoods, as well as renters, about short-term rentals.  It was developed to inform residents and renters about local city ordinances and to serve as a resource for information the impact of short-term rentals.


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